Video: WetDBA / What should I do as a freelancer?

From May 1, 2016 the new DBA Act will take effect. In this video Marieke Franken explains what you have to do as a freelancer to comply with the new DBA Act. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

Djent Administratiekantoor Barendrecht - Tineke de Jong

VAR / DBA Law – I am self-employed without employees, what must I do?

What is going on? On 1 May 2016 the VAR (Declaration of Independent Contractor Status) was abolished and the new DBA Law entered into force. Because of this new law, clients and independent professionals will work with model agreements that have been assessed by the Dutch Tax Authorities beforehand. At least, if it is necessary, […]

Djent Administratiekantoor Barendrecht - Daan van der Ent

The VAR declaration (declaration of income tax status) for freelancers and self-employed workers without employees is going to change

As a freelancer or self-employed worker you often need to submit a VAR declaration to qualify for a project of a client. The VAR declaration is issued by the Belastingdienst after sending in a questionnaire. By this the client is indemnified from deducting several kinds of social insurance contributions.